Wednesday, January 21, 2009

United States begins its 25th “new era of change” since the early 20th Century

Following the inauguration of the USSA's new King, millions of ordinary Americans wait expectantly to embark upon the latest, and greatest, era of change since the last one eight years ago.

"I have been to so many inaugurations, so many eras that have changed America," said Harvus Billingsworthski III, a resident of Washington D.C and a keen supporter of President Barack Obama. "'Change we can believe in', to me is the most believable of the eras of change. Although 'Reformer with results' was a powerful message from 2001, but that was a different time, after the sour end of the previous presidency."

Harvus, a retired steelworker and local political campaigner said that it is openness to change that makes America so great.

"I was here to hear Clinton talk about 'People for a change' and that really got to me," said Mr Billingsworthski. "Of course the country was struggling with a wrecked economy, so many people lining the parade who had lost their jobs, looking for hope. You know millions of Americans didn’t have any form of healthcare back then. But that was seventeen years ago."

Indeed the America of 2009 is also a very different country from that of 1976 when Jimmy Carter, the ‘Leader for a Change’ embarked on a programme of reforms. In the seventies the US was racked with energy problems, spiralling fuel costs, rising unemployment, suffering from a crippled overseas image and being on the brink of war with Iran.

"Of all of the important messages the President has to give, he has to tell us how things are going to be different, and how we are never going to return to the old ways. I was only a child when I stood here, watching FDR be sworn in. March 1933 it was. A glorious sight, him in this wonderful top hat in the open top limousine, his wife by his side," said Billingsworthski. "We have come so far since those dark days. Back in the thirties we had a totally collapsed financial system, huge unemployment and millions without any form of healthcare."

Today the spirit of the people lining the streets of Washington and watching the televisions of America has been lifted to an enthusiastic, almost ecstatic level as a great man leads a once great country through a new era of change for millions to believe in. For many it will be their first era of change.

"Mind you inauguration days are one thing, but he has to start work tomorrow," said George from Texas, who was recently let go from his job in Washington. "In 18 months my fellow Americans will probably just think of him as a deceitful-do-nothing-political-establishment-big-business-serving twat like me and turn to the next one of my family who has good hair."


Anonymous said...

The more things change the more they stay the same.

Anonymous said...

very clever, loved this story.

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