Monday, January 05, 2009

Manuel to join Coronation Street – Jonathan Ross to make a guest appearance?

Veteran sex talk expert Andrew Sachs, most famous for receiving details of his granddaughter’s sex-life in filth laden voicemail messages, today announced that all the publicity he garnered from having voicemail enabled on his phone has landed him with a role in Coronation Street.

"I have been absurdly busy since this whole Ross business, " said the actor famous for shrinking from all the attention by standing outside his house and talking to any journalist within yelling distance.

Friends of Sachs, who was popular in the seventies for saying "Que", said that he hoped that he could do for Jonathan Ross what the segment on Russell Brand’s radio show had done for his career.

"He’s in discussions with Granada TV about Ross having a cameo," said a show business pal. "It’s a shame that Georgina didn’t bend over for Brand a few years ago, Andrew might have had more work."

It is not known whether Sach’s shy and retiring granddaughter, Georgina Bailli, will also get a role in the show.

"It’s all about getting the right part. There has been some talk of Ken Barlow visiting a dominatrix to be treated as her slave," said the pal. "This is something that is right up Bailli’s alley – if you pardon the imagery."

However scriptwriters are struggling with the believability of anyone from Greater Manchester being able to afford the £110 an hour asking price.

As for Sach’s role itself, all concerned are remaining tight-lipped – unlike his granddaughter. There are rumours that Weatherfield’s first phone sex-line may soon open for business specialising in talk of Germans, psychiatrists and rats.

"I know Andrew wants to say thanks to all the raving Daily Mail readers who complained," said the showbiz pal. "Before they all die from exploding veins in their temples."

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