Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Re-launch of classic toy with “Rehab Sindy”

Today sees the relaunch of Sindy, the classic girl's doll from the 60s, after a £25m overhaul to bring her up to date with today's children.

“Sindy hasn’t had a major revamp since the 80s and we thought now was a time to contemporise her with today's more affluent, more trendy girl,” said Anita Billingsworth from the family toy company Billingtons Games. “We have given her body a make-over to bring out her bones a bit more and we have made her head disproportionately large for her body – for that true eating-disorder look so craved by celebrities.”

The deluxe 'Rehab Sindy' play-set will feature a doll's house design licensed from 'The Priory' as well as a model of a Range Rover and a small digital camera with built in flash. Sindy herself will have removable hair attached by Velcro for that 'psycho-Spears look' as well a craft knife for DIY tattooing and, echoing a trend in other toys, new 'Rehab Sindy' will be anatomically correct.

“Sindy's range of new accessories will include very short skirts, but of course no underwear,” said Billingsworth. “The doll contains a light sensor that makes her smile if the camera flashes up her skirt.”

The company said that Sindy's lifestyle needed to reflect that of her owner's role models to better resonate with their dreams and aspirations.

“Sindy will come in a wide range of stylings each with lots of accessories,” said Ms Billingsworth. “We are planning 'Banged by a Footballer' Sindy who only smiles if she is on the credit card, or cock, of our new 'Wayne' footballer doll.”

Referring to a recent court action from the Disney Corporation regarding copyright infringement, Anita Billingsworth said “I don't think there is anyway in which our footballer design infringes on Disney's Shrek doll.”


Anonymous said...

I just love the concept of classic toys!!

Anonymous said...

LOL - spot on for out times!

Anonymous said...

Hey, leave the poor girl alone!! You should've had a pop at Barbie instead, she deserves it far more considering she squashed Sindy out fo the market (and now Bratz too.) Boo to Mattel!!!

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