Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hasty release of new cricket game

Billingtons Games has announced the latest version of its ever popular whodunit game - Cluedo, this time with a sporting theme - Test Match Cluedo.

"Cluedo has been thrilling generations of games players since 1948 and we feel that now is the perfect time to launch Test Match Cluedo," said Dr Noir, Head of Game Development at family firm Billingtons Games.

The game plays exactly as the traditional version of Cluedo except that the setting has changed from a manor house to an opulent cricket club with the victim now a prominent cricket coach. In addition the suspect have been renamed in favour of the nations that play in their respective colours: Australia replaces Colonel Mustard; England is Miss Scarlett; West Indies takes on the role of Professor Plum; South Africa assumes Reverend Green’s position; Mrs. White is played by Pakistan and India plays the role of Mrs. Peacock. The final change is that the candlestick and lead-pipe weapons have been replaced by a cricket bat and ball respectively.

The game has been endorsed as being the official homicide investigation game of the Jamaican Police.

Dr Noir said that the game was available to order from all good toyshops immediately and that stocks would be on the high-streets as soon as they became available. He denied that the game had been rushed out hastily.

"It was always part of the plan to have a summer release, with cricket being a summer game, he said. "It has nothing to do with any announcements from the West Indies that Bob Woolmer may have died of natural causes after all."

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