Wednesday, May 16, 2007

World’s highest mobile phone call

A new yardstick (9,672 of them in fact) in the field of communications was achieved when Herbert Billingsworth, 29, made the world’s highest mobile phone call. The call was made possible due to the Chinese government’s installation of a mobile phone mast with line of sight to the top of the Northern Ridge.

“I wasn’t the first at this altitude, that was Rod Baber who was calling the BBC and others," said Hebert “I am a couple of inches taller than him, so my phone was higher and I was able to claim his record about 15 minutes after he finished his call,” explained the proud record holder. “Of course I called my Mum, Elsie.”

A transcript of that historic call follows below:-

Elsie Billingsworth : “Hello?”
Herbert Billingsworth : “Hi Mum, it’s me, Herbie.”
EB : “Oh Herbie! I haven’t heard from you in a while. How are you?”
HB : “OK, Mum. I am on Mount Everest!”
EB : “Have you heard about your Auntie Dot? She is having terrible trouble with her … well you know … her problem.”
HB : “Mum! I am calling from Everest.”
EB : “You know we had the double glazing done a couple of years ago, Herbie, we don’t need anymore. I thought you worked for a bank.”
HB : “No, the mountain, I am on Mount Everest!”
EB : “Now, are you wrapped up warm? You got a scarf? You know that my friend Mrs Gervais caught a nasty chill just nipping up to the shops for her pipe tobacco. Are you eating properly?”
HB : “Yes, mum, I am, this is the highest mobile phone call ever made!”
EB : “I expect it is, price of things today, not like when I was a girl. Do you want me to call you back? If you can wait a bit it's cheaper for me after six.”
HB : “Sorry mum, say again, I didn‘t catch all that, it’s windy.”
EB : “Wednesday? Eeh, that’s amazing, it’s Thursday here!”
HB : “Thirsty, yes I am a bit I suppose. It’s quite a climb.”

At that point the call ended abruptly as Mr Billingsworth’s phone ran out of credit.


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A Swansea man recently held a record mobile phone call of four hours fifty five minutes on the 17:55 London to Swansea train. The call was dropped a record number of times, 155. The man gave out his phone number, his doctor's name, his home address, his bank account number and sort code, his wife's name, his rare medical condition, and his reason for travelling (to see a Harley Street specialist). He has since become victim of the world's greatest number of identity hoaxes.

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