Monday, April 16, 2007

Religious letter “bemoans newcomers”

An ancient letter, said to be well over a thousand years old, has been uncovered in a field in Wiltshire and, say scholars, sheds light onto the early conflicts in the religious history of Britain.

“The text is written by a Druid, sometime around 1500 years ago,” said Bill Billingsworth from the Sidcup Centre for Pantheonic Studies who consulted on the translation into English. “We aren’t exactly sure who the letter is addressed to. It may be to a fellow Druid, it may even be text to be read out. A sort of parish newsletter, if you will.”

The letter describes the conditions that this particular Druid and his fellow Celts are living under as Christianity grows within 4th century England. The new religion with its newly ordained Saints and Bishops is growing rapidly and spreading into the provinces which dominates the main parts of the text as shown in the following excerpts.

“Indeed these followers of the Christ do travel the land. They breed quickly, so much quicker than the Celtic. They bring with them their new and strange customs. They pray long and loudly and encourage others to turn away from the faith of the Land and the Forest.”

The text speaks that the new religion’s followers are not only vocal and evangelistic, but that the tolerance of the native Druids is being abused and this will only dilute of traditional Celtic and Druidic values.

“Must we not speak of our own faiths, our own traditions lest we offend those new? Should we not be able to challenge the customs of the Christians? If they come to Angleland should they not follow our ways? They come, verily over here, building their large church buildings, and calling to prayer each Sunday morn with a cacophony of bells. What is wrong with a quiet gathering at an imposing stone circle? Lo it is not, as they gain power throughout the land.”

“It seems that the Druid, whose we know only as ‘Little John’, also foresees perhaps the end of of the practice of significant Druid festivals.” explained Mt Billingsworth.

“In some parts of the East from where The Sun is born , I hear, they, the Christians, are fefusing our 12 day celebration of the winter festival of Yule, banning it from their schools and their communal dwellings and instead want to celebrate something called Christmas.”

The text ends with the lament as to the future of the druids, Britain and a call to others to take heed.

“Soon if these Christians have their way I won’t be able sacrifice a goat in my own land, this land of ours, this Angleland, verily it is going to hell in a hand cart. It is political correctness gone mad I tell you.”

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