Thursday, February 08, 2007

Channel 4 and Home Office announce sentencing initiative

In response to the recent criticism over sentencing policy and the implication that criminals were being spared custodial sentences because the prisons were too full, today the Home Secretary unveiled a further initiative to provide transparency within sentencing policy.

Speaking from a prototype secure studio within the Home Office, Dr Reid demonstrated the new sentencing plan known as “Time or No Time”.

Like the model for new transparent prison population management, this initiative has been formed as a joint venture between the Home Office and Channel 4 television this time based on the successful “Deal or No Deal” format.

“This is yet another wonderful public private partnership, showing that New Labour can innovate in all areas of society, especially in the area of crime.” explained Dr Reid as he gave a demonstration of the new sentencing procedure (pictured).

“Once the verdict has been given, the criminal will be able to open a series of boxes to determine the sentence they will serve in prison.” explained the Home Secretary. “Periodically the Judge will interrupt play with an offer of an alternative sentence based on a formula drawn up by the Home Office. This really is thinking outside the box!" he added.

The sentencing will range from being set free through ASBO and Community Service to long term imprisonment. Regardless of the crime that player has been convicted of they may be sentenced to time in an open or secure prison. Indeed some car thieves may end up spending time classified as paedophiles.

“I think this once again shows that New Labour has not run out of ideas,” said Dr Reid, as he opened his final box revealing 'Throw Key' for permanent incarceration.

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