Monday, January 08, 2007

Dossier reveals world leaders’ real concerns about Global Warming

A leaked dossier has revealed the concerns of the secretive Bilderberg group regarding the impact of Global Warming on western governments.

Minutes of last year’s meeting of the group, a 50 year private enclave of some of the most powerful political and economic decision makers, revealed that they are fearful of revolution and turmoil due to the lengthened summers and reduced rainfall in many countries.
Denis Billingsworth, a retired journalist who has studied the Bilderberg Group has had access to the document.

“Its pretty simple logic, really,” explained Denis. “The Group is concerned that historically revolution and riots against the establishment have all taken place in good weather. People don’t like to go out in the rain. So, if the Earth warms up and the summers get longer and hotter, if there is less rain, then there will be more revolution.”

Mr Billingsworth pointed to history to illustrate the Bilderberg Group’s concern, highlighting the major revolutions and when they happened.

“The French stormed the Bastille on 14th July, right in the heart of summer. The American’s declared independence on 4th July. The Bolshevik’s made sure their revolution was finished in October, before the weather turned nasty in Russia.”

Mr Billingsworth has also looked back at Britain’s own recent history for more evidence to back up the Bilderberg Group’s concerns.

“Look at recent riots in the UK: Brixton flared up in April; Toxteth rioted in July and it was a lovely sunny day in London when the poll tax protestors kicked off at the end of March,” he pointed out. “People don’t revolt if they have to take an umbrella with them.”

Many now believe that the increased environmental awareness of politicians comes directly out of the thinking of this influential group. “They are worried now. They don’t really care about the polar bears or the frogs in the Amazon. They look at Iraq or anywhere in the middle-east for that matter, and they see Washington, Paris or Norwich in a couple of decades time,” said Billingsworth. “It’s always sunny and warm and not a day goes by without a Molotov Cocktail being hurled. That simply would not be the case if the insurgents lived in Aberystwyth.”

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