Saturday, December 09, 2006

Vandals call for greater regulation of Graffiti

A growing number of Britain’s youths are calling for greater regulation and protection of intellectual property in the increasingly competitive Graffiti media. A new pressure group has been formed and had its first open meeting today, under a flyover for the A2 in Falconwood.

“It’s bad now. N’ I don’t mean bad good, like, it’s butters to get your tags down.” explained T-Bone, leader of the T-Block gang. “I spent 5 minutes scratching my, like, tag into a window on one of, like, those new 89 buses. Like later all the windows was done - you couldn‘t, like, see mine or nothin‘.”

The problem, they say, is that their vandalism is overwritten and damaged and that there is so much graffiti it is not novel any more.

“No one looks,” said another child from T Block, dressed in what appeared to be his pyjamas. “I mean like, every inch is scratched like, people don’t even notice no more. The police should do sumfink to, like, protect our work.”

“It is not like it’s RA or even the Cherry Boys, like.” said T-Bone. “They got the same probs. None of us got any, like, talent, so it all just looks like a child done it. So other kids just scratch stuff in and ruin our work. We ain‘t got nothing’ witty to say so nothin‘ makes our stuff stand out.”

T-Bone’s father said that it was time that there was more done to protect the efforts of vandals. Jeff Billingsworth is a part time street huckster on behalf of a national Accident Claim compensation firm. “My boy has the right, like, not to have his work scratched over by someone else. It’s, like, defacement. Cos it is simple it’s, like, being copied. There is laws against copyin’ stuff. I know ’cos I was done for selling dodgy DVDs last month.”

“We need to get together, like, T-Block, RA and even the Cherry Boys with their gay name,” said Mr Billingsworth who plans to take his case up with Bexley council and is asking for help from other concerned parents in the area, especially as the council insists on a written query.

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