Thursday, October 08, 2009

Woman responsible for Children's Services demands £1m to take responsibility for lack of service to children

Sharon Shoesmith, the Director of Children's services at Haringey council on whose watch Children's Services failed to prevent the systematic abuse of Baby P, is continuing her case demanding £1m as compensation if she is to be expected to fulfil the only definable role of a director.

“Sharon is distraught, she did not understand that the £133k salary was to actually take responsibility,” said a pal who did not wish to be named. “How could she, a mere Director of Children's services, whose only arguable skill is setting direction and making statements, be expected to take responsibility for the direction her people take or the ludicrous statements she might make?”

Ms Shoesmith was today in hiding behind e-mails from council executives even more remotely detached from their responsibilities than she is, that praise her spin and public relations approach despite evidence that the services they were collectively accountable for had failed so tragically.

“I was at the celebration meal when we all said thanks to Sharon for handling the press so well,” said the pal. “Without that press conference people might have got the idea that after 60 reports the staff in our charge should have done something to prevent this little tot's death.”

Ms Shoesmith is said to be oblivious to the fact that the ignorant praise from her executive management team indicates systemic incompetence and that more, not less, people should have been fired.

“Where will it all end? You can't expect someone on her pay scale to have any perspective on the impact they may have on people's lives, ” asked the pal. “These directors only earn twice as much as the average doctor, for god's sake.”

However it is the impact of her demonstrable failure as the Director of Children's Services in the Baby P case that has worried her so much. She is worried that the tot's 8 months of abuse whilst under her department's supervision might reflect badly on her.

“Sharon's very worried her future career prospects have been ruined,” said the pal. “She has looked at the executive appointments and can't find anything where the key skill is to dodge accountability. Although there might be some openings at the Ministry of Defence after the next election.”

Children’s Secretary Ed Balls refused to confirm that he is planning on tabling a motion requesting that parliament officially asks Ms Shoesmith to piss off.


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