Sunday, June 17, 2007

Video solves "Car death family" mystery

Police in the Netherlands today released a statement confirming that they have solved the mysterious deaths of four members of the Rekeningwaard family. They were found dead in their Humvee last month after apparently having lunch from a drive through restaurant.

"Initially we were confused," explained Inspecteur Johan Janssen leading the investigation. "When the car was discovered there was no outward sign of any problem. It certainly wasn’t an intentional suicide."

Police were baffled as, whilst overweight, autopsies on the two adults and two children revealed no cause of death.

"Eventually we found a video on the mother’s camera phone which revealed how they came to die, which we think is a lesson to all of us," said Inspecteur Janssen

"We all like our luxury living," said the inspector. "Although I guess there should be a warning in that Old Icelandic proverb – that man likes the smell of his own farts."


Ivica Milarić said...

Hey, they had it easy. There are at least 37 worst ways to die in a Humvee, especially if you're inclined to obesity and drive trough fast food restaurants, and most of them includes a bang much louder than that of a human anus breaking wind. If you get my incredibly clever satirical comment on US middle east policies, that is.

Smith said...


cv writing service said...

We say death is decided and destined to happen. SO may be this family had their time, just the reason became this or could have been anything else. I pray we all live well and long.

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