Saturday, April 14, 2007

David Beckham completes transfer

Today David Beckham completed his long awaited transfer. Even though it has been common knowledge for some time, it was today that he finalised his move from the back pages to end his career in the entertainment and showbiz sections of the newspapers.

"This is something we have been planning for some time," said his wife, Victoria Beckham. "Ever since we married I have been planning a move away from football to a purely showbiz lifestyle."

Friends of the Beckhams say that David had become unhappy with his role as a footballer once it transpired that sending in the odd free-kick from 30 yards was no longer enough to guarantee him a place in ‘Hello!’ magazine or even onto the front pages of the tabloids.

There was a brief ceremony in Wapping as David Beckham signed an exclusive deal with ‘The Sun’ newspaper for the serialisation of the next volume of his autobiography, reputed to be for a seven-figure sum. During the ceremony, Sun football writer Andrew Haigh handed over Mr Beckham’s mobile phone number to ‘Bizarre’ columnist Victoria Newton.

Speaking after the ceremony, David said that transfer to full time celebrity was all part of his move to the American Los Angeles Galaxy Major League Soccer team.

"I have always loved America. I have one of my footballing academies in the heart of the Mecca of celebrity that is L.A." commented the former England Captain.

The midfielder, who won every English trophy and the Champion’s League with Manchester United, was asked if his move to the ‘League One’ level of football at the MLS would stifle his abilities as a midfield playmaker.

"Plays, well I don’t know nothing about plays," he replied. "I was really hoping to go straight into movies."

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