Thursday, December 14, 2006

easyBus to expand into long haul with easyCoach

Today, the airport shuttle service arm of the easy Group of companies announced its long awaited plans to expand into the national “long haul” bus market by adding two newer, larger vehicles to its fleet and the launch of its new easyCoach brand.

“Several years ago we vowed to take on Megabus in the low-cost, no-frills inter-city coach business, however the major issue was finding the right vehicles to compete,” explained Fiona Billingsworth, CEO of easyCoach. “Our current Mercedes Sprinter minibuses are not suitable for the London to Glasgow run, however we have now done a landmark deal in coach leasing to bring easyCoach to the market.”

The new fleet of vehicles has been leased from the House of Windsor and the Lord Mayor of London. Whilst easyCoach admits the vehicles are old, nearly 250 years old in fact, they have been regularly serviced and are in ‘showroom quality‘ as they have only been used once a year.
“Our customers come to us for value for money and so they will welcome the new coaches. We think our customers will love them, even though they are a bit brighter and more gaudy than the easy Group’s normal and more reserved orange styling.

“Since we have two coaches in the fleet we can give customers used to easyJet the reassurance that we have a backup in the event a service has to be cancelled.”

Ticket pricing has yet to be finalised, however easyCoach said that they would be competitive in the market. “Yes, we won’t be beaten on price. However book early because there are only four seats in each coach but we are sure we can cram quite a few passengers in!” said Mrs Billingsworth. “Journey times too will be competitive depending on how often we stop to give the horses a rest - we currently plan for a monthly service, with each journey taking approximately a fortnight in either direction from London to Glasgow. Which competes favourably with how long a journey on Virgin Trains feels.”

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