Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tories accuse own voters of breaking the law

Conservative spokesmen have expressed concern that the changes to the rights of immigrant workers from new member states of the EU would not effect the general problem of immigration and, therefore, would possibly lead to an increase in illegal working.

John Reid and David Davis squared up to each other during the "Endless Talk" show on the new channel Sky Political News 7. Dr Reid took the opportunity to poor scorn on Tory concerns "It is gratifying that the Tories acknowledge that as the economy is growing we need skilled workers. Since everyone else is going to university to read media studies rather than having any tangible talent it is vital to the British economy and the nation’s finances through taxation that we have an influx of new talent"
David Davis countered that "thousands, if not billions, maybe, of murderers, it says in the Daily Mail, will just come in to the country through our open immigration policy and work illegally. These proposals do nothing to address that."
The Home Secretary responded, "Any illegal workers will be employed by small businesses – your key voters."
"Are you accusing my voters of breaking the law?" was the response from a slightly incredulous Shadow Minister.
"No you are, you are saying they will work illegally – so who is going to employ them?"
"Crumbs, " blushed the inexperienced Tory, "I hadn’t thought of that, it is tricky this government lark – I guess that is why the Tories have been so bad at it. Tell you what, I’ll just get David to ask Boris to shag another social climber, that will get all this off the front pages."

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