Monday, October 30, 2006

Midsomer twinned with Cabot Cove

Newsbiscuit’s recently exposed the plight of the County of Midsomer and its falling population ( . Following our report a new international exchange programme is being established with the town of Cabot Cove in Maine, USA.

Eileen Billingsworth is excited about her forthcoming trip as part of the first tranche of residents to spend a few weeks in each other’s towns.
"Well, the massive public interest that followed the story meant we actually had a few offers for twinning and we will be pursuing all of them as much as we can. We will use Cabot Cove as a pilot and then we are looking to set up links with the Bailiwick of Jersey – our Chief Inspector has links with Jersey police."

However, it is not expected to be all plain sailing out on the nautical East Coast of America. "This isn’t the first link up we tried - that was with St. Mary Mead, however the first town meeting ended after the Vicar was found drowned in the town hall – so there is a lot riding on my trip going safely and me not getting killed to death."

"The return of the exchange will see Mrs Fletcher, from Cabot Cove, staying with me in Midsomer." added the recently widowed Arthur Jenkins, looking slightly nervous, "she is a writer, apparently, so she is sure to have a few tales to tell!"

New England police and the Midsomer constabulary are said to be looking forward to the extra overtime they expect to earn.

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