Monday, October 23, 2006

Hungarian government’s uprising re-enactment “not accurate enough”

Earlier today Hungarian and foreign officials as well as veterans of the October Uprising commemorated the 50th anniversary of the country’s failed revolution against oppression by laying flowers at various services across Budapest.

The current Hungarian government then proceeded to re-enact the events of 50 years ago by firmly suppressing modern day dissent and protests using tear gas and water cannons.
"It was a great success," commented Prime Minister Gyurcsany, "we were able to really bring home the trauma and terror of half a century ago, especially at the railway station. Hopefully tonight I shall be able to get some tanks onto the streets and perhaps some live firing into crowds. I don’t know if I can guarantee a fully fledged massacre but hopefully a few petrol bombs can really light up such a special day."

The Hungarian Government has been roundly criticised for the nature of these events as 50 years ago Budapest was adorned with Soviet style posters and statues which have long since been removed. "It just isn’t authentic," complained student Jozsef Danks, "Half a century ago my grandfather was in this very spot and through the smoke and the agonising streams of tears he was able to see a genuine outpost of Stalinist oppression. All I see is a modern city and the government has not even provided any papier-mache statues of Uncle Joe for me to decapitate."

Fellow protestor Emese Mohar confirmed the disappointment. "So far we have only had to dodge rubber bullets, but I have heard the PM is going to pull out all the stops if we gather tonight and so much as mention freedom or democracy. You know we really might be in fear of our lives."

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