Thursday, October 26, 2006

Controversy over new Wind Farm plans

“It’s madness.” complained Councillor Helen Billingsworth “It is just completely idiotic and badly thought through.”
Councillor Billingsworth was commenting on a recent planning application for more renewable energy power generation and the plans that have been proposed for two new sites in the Cumbrian Mountains.
“Being born and bred in a rural area, I absolutely support any action that helps the environment. Renewable energy is vital to that. But really? A Wind Farm? Up on the majestic hilltops surrounding Keswick and Derwant water, which some people say is the most mystic and tranquil of the wonderful lakes? Really its madness!” she ranted.
“Obviously it would be an eyesore, but it isn’t even practical. Have you been up there? It is windy enough for God’s sake! What do we need more wind for? The gusts get up to over 100mph and some lunatic wants to put bloody big fans the size of tower blocks up there to blow more wind around. Madness I tell you!” frothed Councillor Billingsworth at the planning meeting in Kendal.
“And where are you going to get the energy from to power them? You are going to need a bloody big power station to power those fans!” she screamed as she was led away.
Representatives of the Keswick Kite Krew were said to be lobbying in favour of any plans for “Big Wind Generators”.

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