Friday, April 13, 2007

Burglars “forced me to wear dress”

New Scotland Yard today urged members of the public all over the country to be on the lookout for a gang of criminals that has preyed upon dozens of victims for perhaps decades forcing them into acts of cross-dressing.

"The crimes may have only recently been reported, but our investigations have subsequently revealed a pattern that could stretch back for many years," said Detective Inspector Patrick Billingsworth. "We are warning prominent people, in business, in the media, or in the public eye in general, to take extra precautions if they are at home alone."

DI Billingsworth outlined how the gang operates and how it has struck up and down the country, from rural estates in Scotland to urban apartments in London and the Home Counties.

"We have now received several reports from men who have been found at home, sometimes bound and gagged, but always dressed in women’s clothing," he explained. "They are often discovered in this state by their wives. Needless to say the victims have not been keen to come forward, which is why the crime has gone on for so long."

Police investigations have discovered that the group most at risk appears to be politicians and especially Conservative Members of Parliament who, in addition to being forced to wear women’s clothing and sometimes underwear, are often forced to watch Gay Porn videos.

"Everyone should be on their guard, since the people perpetrating these heinous acts are some of the most brazen criminals I have ever come across. They often return to the scene of the crime," said Billingsworth. "The wife of one senior member of the Liberal Democrat party tells me that she has come home to find her husband has been victimised 7 times this year alone."


Anonymous said...

omfg! This is like so freaky.

Anonymous said...

I got here by searching for "forced to wear women's clothes."

Anyone else searching for dominatrix porn?

Anonymous said...

lmao, yeah i came here for similar reasons, anonymous #2. looks like im going to have to move to england and become a conservative politician now :P

Anonymous said...

herro im yerrow

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