Monday, December 11, 2006

Young Sport personality of the year “fitting”

Many were surprised at the winners of the BBC Sports Personality of the year awards with the individual awards going to the less mainstream sports men and women. Football and cricket, predictably, given .the lack of successful British teams , failed to get their names on the familiar trophy. However one award that seemed fitting was that of the Young Sports Personality of the year, going to Theo Walcott.

“We felt that the this award perfectly matched the aspirations of teenagers everywhere and should act as an inspiration to those young sports people that if they keep plugging away it will get recognised,” said Steve Billingsworth of the BBC’s judging panel. “Theo has spent the best part of the year being driven around Europe and sitting listening to his Ipod whilst his playing family has been getting involved in activities. This is the behaviour of many teenagers in Britain and so makes his award of the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year so much more relevant.”

Walcott spent most of the year watching from the sidelines as his club Arsenal were runners-up in both the Premiership and the Champions League. However his fortune changed dramatically in the summer when he was able to watch England crash out the world cup on penalties - although of course he never got to kick a ball.
Theo, was unable to be there in person to accept the award, because he was of course keeping the Arsenal bench warm at Stamford Bridge as they drew with Chelsea. Fortunately the news was broken to him by a text message and he was able to record a brief speech on his mobile phone.

His agent said that in private Theo thought the award was “OK, suppose” and “not too lame, I didn’t like have to wear a Dinner Jacket or nothing.”

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