Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sky announce new year "HD" special

Today, BSkyB announced its new "Hanging Direct" extravangaza. The 3 hour show will take place live from Baghdad and feature a variety performance from some of showbiz's most famous stars who have been unable to get Panto work. The culmination of the variety show will be the hanging of Saddam Hussein, thought likely to gain the highest pay-per-view ratings in history.

The Deputy Prime Minister - John Prescott denied any impropriety on the part of the government in awarding the execution contracts and insisted selling the TV rights was not a desperate attempt to help pay for the cost of the War in Iraq.

A further controversy broke when it was revealed that a refreshment caravan for the venue was to be run by the Foreign Secretary - Margaret Beckett.

John Prescott was adamant. "Instead of anything untoward, this should be seen as furthering the spread of democracy and freedom and showing that the west is indeed serious about such matters" he said. BSkyB would not comment on rumours that the government was using the execution of the "Butcher of Baghdad" as a test for future democratisation of Iraq on the western model, although the country's infrastructure is being readied for mass text voting.

Whilst stories that the judges for any future trials will be selected via a new interactive programme "How do you solve a problem like Sharia?" are thought to be wide of the mark, it is believed that the Fox Network in the USA has secured the exclusive rights to the trial and execution of Osama Bin Laden, should he ever be captured.

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