Sunday, December 31, 2006

Celebrity house open for new season

As the New Year hangovers clear Britain once again braces itself for the events that will transpire in a stylised house in London filled with D-list celebrities.

The nation's newspaper editors are gearing up for their re-hashing of the events we saw the night before on TV. Their journalists are digging into the background of each of those that appear in the house and speculation as to what each phrase said and each exclamation really means.

There will be arguments and accusations. Groups and cliques will form. Some of those in the house will deliberately attempt to gain favour, whilst others attempt to climb to the very top along a ladder formed by the knives they have stuck into the backs of fellow members of the house.

Throughout, the public will themselves speculate about those they previously thought of as upstanding citizens as a stream of press revelations about their private lives sheds light on dark underbellies they previously had attempted to keep secret. Come the end of this particular series of broadcasts there is likely to be a re-shuffle in the hierarchy based on the popularity gained or lost over the last few weeks.

Recently, Michael Martin MP, the speaker of the House of Commons denied it was to move to Celebrity Big Brother style text voting, a new series of which coincidentally overlaps with this next session of Parliament.

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