Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Brand aims to be ultimate TV brand

The race to be this year’s “face of everything” has heated up with the announcement that Russell Brand is to host Channel 4‘s “Top 100 cheap clips“ to be shown on Boxing Day. Brand who is currently found on TV, Radio, stage, DVD, boxer shorts and a new range of Pooper-Scoopers is said to be gearing up to challenge the long time holders of over exposure, Ant & Dec, head on.
However it is a challenge fraught with risk. Previous champions of TV ubiquity, such as Jimmy Carr, warn that is not an easy road. “We can’t all aspire to the longevity of Sir Terry Wogan, the master of being on everything,” commented Jimmy during a break in hosting the Buckinghamshire Best Mortgage Sales Advisor Awards 2006. “One moment you are on game shows or “Top 50 Cheese Night” , the next you are handing out the award for ‘Best FSA compliant sub-prime Equity Release‘ whatever that is.” warned Mr Carr. “Still there is always an opportunity for a joke about gypsies.”

Indeed Mr Carr’s words were echoed by previous champions. Julian Clary advised Mr Brand “A chance like this only comes once, so he had best make a good fist of it”. A spokesman for Graham Norton commented today, from a chat-room on “If u av a career based on just ur personality then it can gr8 on the public v quickly L . De public goes off n dat can take u by surprise. From behind“.

All hope may not be lost should Brand‘s career follow those of Carr, Norton or Clary. Aside from the stalwarts of yesteryear, such as Wogan, Edmonds, and O’Conner, past holders of the crown of ubiquity have managed a come back from the panto circuit and into the mainstream media - as Tony Slattery’s well received sitcom on Radio Four has shown.

Brand could do well to listen to those whose high heeled boots have trodden the path before him. “It’ll take more than just a distinctive hairdo to take on Ant & Dec and survive.” commented Chris Evans.

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