Saturday, February 05, 2011

Liverpool Fans Express Their Disgust At Player's Lack Of Loyalty

Following the shock move of several millionaires from one football club paying them millions to another paying them slightly more millions many fans expressed their shock and anger at the lack of loyalty being shown

"Fernando Torres has shown absolutely no loyalty to the true fans," said one supporter. "By moving on from Liverpool to Chelsea he has once again failed to show any dedication to Athletico Madrid."

The Spanish football star followed a trail of pound notes to the Premier League in 2007, dedicating half of his 6 year contract to trying really hard to make someone give him a shiny pot with red ribbons on it before trying for one with blue ribbons. However his superstar replacement at Anfield, Luis Suarez immediately made an impact with fans.

"The boy's come straight into the side and scored on his debut after his big money transfer from Ajax, " said 60s Reds hero Tommy Billingsworth. "The disloyal Uruguayan bastard should be working hard back at Nacional."

Fans in Chelsea, where Mr Torres's trail of pound notes has lead him so far where eagerly awaiting the arrival of Britain’s most expensive player as they prepare for him to make his debut against Liverpool on Sunday.

"I've already bought my shirt with Torres' name on the back," said a Chelsea fan yesterday. "I am going to burn it just before kick-off to show the disloyal Spanish bastard how I'll feel when he leaves in a couple of years time."

A big angry man who used to be very proud to dress as a bar code at the weekend, before donning a suit to appear in court on the following Monday, was keen to emphasise his loyalty.

"Tell the fans that I have always pledged my allegiance to the Queen and am an avid collector of portraits of her," said Andy Carroll as he practiced the route between Anfield and Liverpool Crown Court. "So loyal am I that I collect 170,000 pictures of her every week."

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