Saturday, November 10, 2012

Phillip Schofield victim of unfounded accusations of journalism

The career of former gopher spokesman, Phillip Schofield, was said to be in danger of remaining as fatuous as ever amid the fallout from his interview with David Cameron.

it is essential that it is understood that I would never be part of any kind of journalism,” said the professional recipe taster. “I am deeply sorry if it appeared that I was doing so from a mis-judged career angle.”

The row erupted after the part-time ice skating talent show host presented the PM with a list of names that he had found on the internet and that he insisted where those of known paedophiles. The names are listed below to ensure that justice is served for those who suffered at the hands of the “This Morning” production ring:-
  • The one with his hand up Gordon the Gopher. When it wasn't me of course
  • That one who is Scottish and was often shown on Question Time wearing a blue tie.
  • The junior government minister for health in the 70s. Or was it 80s? Or was it education?
  • His brother.
  • Or maybe sister.
  • Just checked and the EveshamTileShowroom discussion forum users say it was both the brother and the sister.
  • Thinking about it Gordon wasn't very old, so maybe me too.
  • That one who wasn't gay until he was. You know, the one who wore that hat. It's on his wikipedia page.
  • Or was it a scarf?

Co-presenter Rachel Billingsworth has repeatedly apologised on air to anyone who had been upset by the item being featured on “This Morning”.

We understand our viewers were not expecting to encounter real-world issues and, rest-assured this won't happen again, the programme will revert to only showing cooking items following by slimming tips, as normal,” said Billingsworth “So, text in if you want us to show Richard Madeley doing that Ali G impression again? Remember we have already picked the result but you will be charged for the text regardless.”

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