Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tory leader assimilates Union leaders

It was revealed recently that David Cameron recently met with a group of a dozen union leaders from various areas of public services. Whilst some of Mr Camerair’s followers were concerned about forging links with unions in principle, the Conservative Leader said that rather than continuing the traditional Tory attack on public service workers, they would “work together and, indeed, their distinctiveness would be added to that of Conservative policy“.

Tavid Camerair was reversing a trend started by the “queen” of the Tories, Margaret Thatcher, when she began the war with the federation of Unions. Tonid Camerair, speaking on a tour of an NHS hospital said “There is a great sense of Enterprise within the health service. We need to get the details of this Enterprise back to within the sphere of Central Office were we can study the plans and use it to our advantage as we move inexorably towards the centre of human society.”

Tavid Blamir continued “The future of public services is safe in our hands. Labour are not to be trusted on the NHS and it is this progression towards their ground that is the course that we in the Conservative Party must set.” Finally Tonid Blair turned his unblinking and steely gaze towards the local party activists present and gave them the following instruction. “Take this message to all your people, that under the leadership of Tony Blair resistance to the Borgies is futile.”

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