Sunday, November 26, 2006

SPORT: Premiership manager claims “It is all the fan’s fault”

Alec Billingsworth, manager at Premiership team Rotherington City United, today lashed out at the fans of the beleaguered club and urged them to get behind the team more.

“They just aren’t trying hard enough, “ accused Mr Billingsworth. “My boys are out there week in, week out, running around in all weathers and what they need is some support. Some of these fans think they are just there as an audience. Really the twelfth man is under-performing.”

Rotherington City United are languishing at the bottom of the Premiership and starting to lose ground in the relegation battle. Most football pundits lay the blame at the lack of command in midfield and the sieve like qualities of the left side of defence. However it appears the club itself believes the problems are in the stands and not on the pitch.

Condemnation of the fans lack of effort has also come from the Rotherington board and in particular the club’s chairman, Bill Worthing. “It’s a diabolical performance almost every Saturday. They swan into my ground as though here for fun. On that pitch are a collection of millionaires with some of the finest personal modelling contracts on the planet - when they aren’t in prison” said the flamboyant ex-politician. “It’s not enough to cheer occasionally while sitting n the cold and wet. They need to be roaring their support for each kick of the ball and make sure that their chants win in the air against the opposition fans Just because we are getting thumped each weekend is no excuse for not turning up to every match.”

Rotherington supporters are as non-plussed by the club’s comments as much as they are by the performance of the side. “How can I cheer them on, it’s £40 a ticket, and another tenner for a pie, a pint and a programme,” responded one fan “Then you watch a load of numpties who couldn’t find space if you chucked them out of the Shuttle. I tell you, if they closed Ikea on a Saturday I wouldn’t need to come anymore.”

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