Sunday, April 01, 2007

Jim’ll Fix it back after 12 years

Today repeat television specialists UK Gold announced the return to our screens of the show “Jim’ll fix it”, to be called “Jim’ll Fix it : Strikes Again”.

"The programme will be slightly revised," explained Fiona Billingsworth, Head of Programming at UKtv. "It will retain the old format of fulfilling children’s wishes but also explore those wishes from the original series that were not selected for broadcast originally."

The first episode will show Sir Jimmy Saville trying to fix it for a viewer from the final 1994 series of the original BBC production. In the episode Jim will attempt to assist Gordon from Glasgow, who now lives in state housing in London, achieve his life long ambition of becoming Prime Minister.

However TV executives stress that the format will also be updated to include contemporary wishes from today’s children. Included in the first episode we will see how Charles Thompson, 14, from South London gets on with his aim of getting an adult to buy him two Bacardi Breezers for his romantic meal with his 12 year old girlfriend Shauna at the bus stop outside McDonalds.

In episode two we will see young Arctic Monkeys fan David Cameron celebrate his 40th birthday as a roadie at one of their recent gigs - with a special surprise from Snow Patrol! We will also join young Shauna, 12, as she gets to see how an Accident and Emergency department works and the importance of modern medicines, such as Morning After pills.

In future episodes we will see young John Prescott 69. John was born in Prestatyn, but now works occasionally in the urban confines of Hull and London. John has always longed for the open spaces, so Jim fixes it for him to spend a week on a ranch in Texas. We get to experience the thrills as John gets to grips with the work and the language on his “Catley Ranch”.

It is hoped Sir Jimmy Saville will live long enough to conclude filming of all six episodes.

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Anonymous said...

I've seen the pilot episode - Gordon unfortunately gets banged up for forgetting to pay his council tax and Sir Jim has to fill his spot with an emergency stand in - a tub of lard from Sainsburys. The tub of lard did quite well, actually.

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