Friday, April 27, 2007

Call centre workers “indecent”

37 workers have been suspended from an East Kilbride based call centre following allegations that the employees of the ’Phone for IT’ support line indulged in lewd behaviour. The accusations surfaced after videos of several naked call centre agents appeared on the video sharing website, YouTube.

Bill Hargreaves a retired Civil Servant from Manchester said that he had always found ’Phone for IT’ to be helpful and informative.

“Oh yes, it was always good, personal service. Whenever I had a problem getting my laptop to come up I would contact ‘Phone for IT’,“ commented Mr Hargreaves. “The first thing they always wanted to know was if it is a problem with a program or with the computer. The call centre girls were very keen for me to give them that right up front and they were always more interested if I said it was hardware.”

Mr Hargreaves initially expressed surprise upon hearing the allegations, but after some thought he said that it did make some of his conversations a bit clearer.

“Now that I think about it the girls do always say ‘bear with me’ a lot, and she would say that I should hold on a little bit longer and she would be right with me,” he said. “However I had no idea that what she meant was ’Bare with me’. If I had known that I may have called back more often.”

Fred Billingsworth Director of Customer Services at ‘Phone for IT’ has said that they are investigating the circumstances surrounding the appearance of the video on YouTube.

“We take such allegations extremely seriously,“ he said. “You can rest assured that we will get to the bottom of it and that all of our company’s employees will be debriefed as part of a deep and thorough internal probe.”

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