Monday, January 11, 2010

Minority Extremist Anti-Islamist Facebook Group Raises Profile Of Minority Extremist Islamist Group

A Facebook group set-up to raise the profile of Islamic extremists was today celebrating its success as all news outlets continued to report extensively about the previously little known Islam4UK group who wish to bring Sharia Law and the joys of the middle-ages to Britain.

“We are really pleased that we have been able to get them as much publicity as we have,” said Paul Billingsworth, the creator of the Facebook group that helped rally publicity for the Muslim extremists. “Our 800,000 members ensured that we got Islam4UK all over the newspapers and enabled the spread of hatred further and wider then would otherwise be possible.”

The Facebook group entitled “More publicity for minority extremist groups that want to overthrow free speech” had been highlighted by the media as a key indicator of opinion for those members who wish to suppress the opinions of people who wish to suppress people’s opinions. Indeed so successful was it in shouting its opinion over others that the government was considering submitting to the carefully considered views of hundreds of thousands of bored people snowed in next to an Internet connection.

“We have been all over the news for the last week. We wanted to raise awareness that this group doesn't want people to say things that they don't agree with, to hold beliefs that they don't agree with,” said Billingsworth. “Something our 800,000 members have a lot in common with.”

The group said it was a mixed blessing that the Islamist group, whose desire is to impose upon Britain a middle-aged culture of oppression, had decided not to hold its proposed march through the streets of Wootton Bassett – a town that has become the de-facto centre for honouring soldiers killed in service of their country.

“Well the cancellation is a landmark moment for all minority attention seeking oppression groups like ourselves,” said Billingsworth. “But we have created a powerful movement. now we need to see what other cornerstones of British life we can stifle.”

Mr Billingsworth said that he is considering setting up a Facebook group calling for a vote of “no-confidence” in any government that bases policy on Facebook groups.


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What happened to your Twitter?!

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Not entirely sure - have opened a support ticket. Start a twitter campaign! #free@SurrealScoop !

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