Monday, June 04, 2007

New Olympic logo revealed

The new logo for the 2012 London Olympics has been revealed to the public. It will be the branding adopted on all signage and merchandise. It is hoped its new dramatic style will reflect the true value of the games to Londoners on the world at large.

"We feel that the new dynamic styling of the logo will fully reflect the stability of the massive undertaking that will make the London Olympics the finest games that money can buy," said Lord Billingsworth, the chairman of the Internaional Olympic Financial Awareness committee.

"This logo, available in a range of different colours, is the first Olympic logo to feature imagery that directly reflects the feelings of Londoners for the games and the commitment of Britain to making sure the games are a success," he said.

Outgoing Prime Minister, Tony Blair, endorsed the new logo and the manner in which it captures the wealth of creativity being expended on the games.

"Look, I won’t be Prime Minister of this fine nation in 2012 but I hope to have a window in my lecture tour schedule to come and have a look at the VIP facilities in Stratford," he said. "Gordon will have a list of my fees for speaking."

The Prime Minister also said that the new logo would appeal to young people and inspire them to change their lives for the better.

"The logo represents how much of their future is already mortgaged," said Mr Blair. "Given the pensions problem they will need to get involved in sport at an early age to be active and healthy enough to work into their 80s to pay off £9bn."

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