Friday, October 16, 2009

Why there is nothing “unnatural” about the death of the Daily Mail and Jan Moir's soul

The ongoing story of the Daily Mail's death is not really shocking, it is just another pointless scandal sheet that is deservedly dying on it's arse.

Through the recent travails and sad end of theLondonPaper, the Evening Standard becoming a free sheet and the Daily Express becoming a vehicle for Diana death porn, newspaper journalists know to expect the unexpected of their proprietors, who may be shadowed by dark appetites or fractured by private vice and TV porn channels to promote.

There are dozens of nameless journalists desperate to become household names and we aren't being ghoulish with our expectation of the end of their humanity; a long thirsty night, a tough deadline, an odd set of prejudices of an odder set of readers that herald the death of a barely respected woman's soul.

In the morning a heart has already turned cold before the first shaking hand replaces the icy breakfast vodka with the touch of the keyboard. It is desperate for a new storyline, isn't it?

In fact it is somewhat rather depressingly familiar form for the Daily Mail that has once again found space amongst glorified press-releases for health products and unfounded health scares to sober-up one of its columnists prepared to once again tread on the memories of those recently past, and the emotions of those dealing with bereavement

“I am quite prepared to rubbish a man who has died in the prime of life, despite a formal autopsy declaring natural causes. We all know there is inneundo for me to write and the memory of everything he achieved in life must be trashed,” said Jan Moir through her Femail column. “He was a bum-bandit, don't you see? He wasn't like me. For example he had legions of fans, was pretty and men wanted to have sex with him.”

EDIT : The Daily Fail has now amended Moir's original article's title - it was "Why there was nothing 'natural' about Stephen Gately's death"


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Superb. Apparently Moir is now trying to pretend to be a victim of a coorindated campaign against her!

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